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Meet the winning label design for Due Santi Rosato! This design comes from Theresa (Watson) Rawicki (BA '13, Art & Art History). 

About the designer:

My four siblings and I are all University of Dallas alumni. At five different times, we each packed our bags and set off for our study abroad experience on the Eugene Constantin Campus in Rome. As I tried desperately to fit all of my Roman Holiday-inspired outfits in my luggage while keeping my bag under the 50 pound limit, I remember my sister telling me that I would come back from Rome a substantially different person than I was when I left home. I didn’t really know exactly what she meant at the time—that is, until I experienced [the Rome Program].

I believe you go to Rome to fall in love. I fell in love with living, with the simplicity of a good life, with the sanctity of friendships, with the experience of the Western Tradition. It happens, of course, while you travel, but it starts on this beautiful campus.

I am a little bit obsessed with spaces and architecture because they can be vessels for so much meaning. You can literally step back into a moment, a feeling. You can walk where someone else walked and feel just a little more connected to them and their story, so much so that it becomes part of your story. Rome felt like that for me from the very beginning. Ever since I was 8 years old and my oldest brother brought me back a dress from his Greece trip, I had been waiting to step into this special space. I had heard all of my older siblings’ stories, and I was so excited to begin mine.

When I started to think about this design I thought about the first moment you really begin to evolve and fall in love in Rome and, at least for me, it was at the wine tasting. The sun is setting and rose light is flooding over the vineyard. You’re hurrying through the vineyard to get a few pictures before you set out for your first wine tasting. This is it. This is the beginning. You’ll never be the same.

Theresa owns and runs her own graphic design firm, Rococo Loco Design. She currently lives just outside of New York City with her husband, Nate, and son, Levi, who will be attending the UD Rome Program in 2037. You can follow Rococo Loco on Facebook and Instagram.

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