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Importing the 2015 vintage of Due Santi Rosso was a collaboration among three parties—each excited to bring the wine to the U.S. for the first time. 


Peter Hatlie

Peter is the driving force behind the creation and management of Due Santi Rosso. He is also the dean, director and vice president of the University of Dallas Rome campus, where he continues to serve as a professor of classics. During his 25-year career in international education, thousands of students have gotten their first precious glimpse of the beauty and fascinating history of the Mediterranean world in his classes and on his site visits of major monuments.  


michael Housewright

Michael is a 1995 UD grad photographer and 21-year wine professional. While studying in Rome, his passion for Italian wine and culture blossomed into a life of exploring Italy and its wineries. He has visited all 20 Italian regions and has photographed some of their most important producers for Wine Enthusiast Magazine and his fine art portfolio. Michael’s knowledge of Italian wine is invaluable to the Due Santi Rosso project, and his belief in the wine and vineyard site is profound.

Chris Tyler.jpg

Chris Tyler

Chris is the owner of CellarBrowser Imports. He met Michael when he sold Michael a few bottles of Barolo. When Chris heard about the opportunity to import Due Santi Rosso, he was intrigued by the opportunity to help bring the wine to the United States for the first time. Chris has also helped manage the logistics of importing the wine to California and delivering it to UD alumni. Chris holds an MBA from Harvard University and has years of experience working for the advancement of universities and other nonprofits.

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 Vines and umbrella pines flank the Due Santi Campus.

Vines and umbrella pines flank the Due Santi Campus.